Tough Mudder: Your last-minute guide on WHAT TO EAT…



You’ve trained hard for Tough Mudder, tested your race kit and you’re ready to go…there’s one other thing that you MUST get right:
Race day nutrition...


The Last Supper

Stick to a meal you know that your body is comfortable with, something energy-filled with a good amount of slow-release carbs and protein, like a spaghetti bolognese (regular or vegetarian) or chicken with veg and brown rice. 

This is probably not the time to have your favourite spicy curry or anything else that usually makes you aware of your stomach. Try eating earlier than usual but if you are eating later then keep the portion on the smaller side so you wake up hungry enough to eat a good breakfast before the actual race. 

It goes without saying that if you want to perform at your best then it’s not a good idea to head out for a few drinks the night before, stick to water and get an early night!

Tough Mudder Day Breakfast

Make sure you wake up early enough to have breakfast a good two hours before the race. Practice your race day breakfast on training days leading up to the race so you get a good understanding of what gives you the energy kick you need and what sits heavy in your stomach and is best avoided. 

Most popular breakfasts tend to be oats (with water) or a few pieces of toast or a bagel with a nut butter, try to avoid dairy and fried foods or anything new. Then an hour before the race, have a snack of a protein shake or a banana, or if you’ve trained with gels take one just before the start of the race and then again half way through.

In terms of hydration, make sure you drink enough water before and during the race and for a little extra kick, try a black coffee or green tea with breakfast. If you’ve tried re-hydration salts during training take some with you, they’re a great way to replace electrolytes you’ll lose through sweating in the Dubai heat.

Post Race Glory Meal

You’ve done it! All the training paid off and you got round, now you’re covered in mud and sweat and you’re starving! It’s time to take on more carbs and protein to replace glycogen stores and aid muscle recovery – especially if you need to get back to training in a day or so. 

If possible, take on your post-race meal within 30-mins of finishing your race, but this isn’t always practical, so think about taking a protein shake or bar with you to have at the end. Then when you can eat a meal try to avoid anything too greasy or fatty like chips and mayo and go for fish and veg or pasta instead.

Devinder Bains