Top 5 tips for finding the right personal trainer for you

You’ve done the difficult bit: made the decision to get fit and healthy and decided you want some help doing it. But finding the right personal trainer isn't always easy, worry not, here’s Fit Squad DXB's guide on how to get it right…

1. Ask about their qualifications

Top of your list of questions should be: are they properly qualified? What are they qualified in? Where did they do their qualifications? Is this qualification valid worldwide and are they happy to show and prove all of this? Most personal trainers should have a ‘Level 3’ qualification and it’s worth asking if they are registered with official training body REPS. Knowing that they have the right qualifications means they’re likely to know not only how to train you properly but also how to keep you safe.

2. Choose someone you want to spend time with

Secondly, you need to find someone who you genuinely get on with and respect as a fitness professional. You will potentially be spending many hours with this person and sometimes these hours could be some of your darkest (think burpees) but almost your most fun if you have a good coach. It's always best to set up a consultation with any new potential trainers, just so you can have a chat and work out if you're compatible. 

3. Check how they'll track your goals

Next, you want to know how they're going to help you succeed in hitting your targets, and what methods of tracking they're going to use along the way. Be very clear about what your goals are and ask how you can achieve them, and how your trainer will measure them. Measuring your progress is a very important factor and something some personal trainers and clients alike underestimate. 


4. Make sure they understand what you do and don't like doing

Another factor that often arises and needs attention is whether you the client have any preferences or special conditions that will need to be addressed. This can be anything from you favouring training outside, your dislike for running or the fact you have an old or ongoing injury or ailment. It's important to let your potential trainer know about health issues and to check that he or she knows how to deal with the injury and that they're happy to take you on as a client.

5. Take your time

The fifth and final piece of advice is to take your time, there's no rush although it might feel like it at the time. It's really important that you fully think through your choices and make the right decision. It could be the difference between an average coach whose sessions you dread and the perfect trainer who will guide you every step of the way and help you feel happy while training for the physique you've always wanted. 

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Devinder Bains