The Top 5 Exercises for Big Results

We all enjoy cable flys, bicep curls and leg extensions to feel that muscle burn, but do these exercises actually yield the results we’re looking for? Not necessarily. Daniel Wells from Fit Squad DXB outlines his top 5 exercises for big results…



This exercise is often overlooked by many beginner to intermediate gym goers, as the technique can be a little daunting due to the pressure it puts on your lower back if done incorrectly. However, it’s probably the most important (almost full body) exercise of them all in terms of the effect it will have on your body physiologically. If you’re not deadlifting already, get to it, but get the correct help and advice first if you’re not 100% sure on the technique. 


Barbell Bench Press: 

In my opinion, and I’m sure many other fitness professionals will agree, that this is the most important of all upper body exercises. It’s the only exercise you need to create a thick chest, it recruits all of the pushing muscles of the upper body in one movement. This should be your go-to upper body exercise, also working the triceps and shoulders.


Weighted Squat: 

The most important lower body exercise, as it works every muscle from the quads, hamstrings, glutes to calves. Another key benefit of the squat is the use of the core in stabilisation. Like the deadlift, this large compound exercise recruits a lot of different muscle groups and fibres, the stress caused during this exercise increases testosterone release into the bloodstream. Good mind muscle connection is key with this one, making sure of good glute activation. 


Wide Grip Pull Up: 

When trying to obtain that sought-after V-shape torso we all desire, you’ll definitely need to get involved with pull ups. These can be a tough exercise for some depending on your bodyweight. If you struggle then assist with some good quality resistance bands. We’re looking for an overhand grip here to hit the lats, and keep it nice and slow eccentrically (on the way down) this will help create strength and thickness in the lats. 


Barbell Shoulder Press: 

Another compound exercise that will help to increase definition in the shoulders as well as the biceps and triceps, and will help work on your traps too, giving width and definition to your overall shape. This exercise can be done many different ways, with dumbbells, fixed Smith machine and cables, but by far the most effective way is with a free barbell. A good mind muscle connection is also important when working the shoulders as so often the triceps can take over. 


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