5 Reasons why you should start taking vitamin K2 right now!

You may, or may not, even be aware of this vitamin but K2 has a huge array of benefits that will vastly improve your health. 

We’re learning more and more about the importance of a healthy gut, and just how damaging a poor diet, and in turn, an unhealthy gut can be. Production of vitamin K2 is synthesised by healthy intestinal bacteria, and is also found in some fermented foods and animal products. Working on your diet to create enough good bacteria and a healthy gut really can have a huge impact on your life and wellbeing – just because you can’t see inside your gut doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after it.  

Fit Squad DXB Co-founder Daniel Wells, outlines some of the top benefits of vitamin K2 and the foods that it can be found in. 


  • Blood sugar regulation: Vitamin K2 is a must if you have type II diabetes as it can help regulate blood sugar levels, thus reducing your risk of heart attack and it can actually start reducing type II diabetes altogether. 

  • Bone mineralisation (promoting bone strength): This one is especially important if you’re over the age of 50 (even more so if you’re female) as your chances of osteoporosis greatly increase with studies suggesting that one in two Americans over 50 are expected to have or be at risk of developing osteoporosis of the hip by 2020. RESEARCH STUDIES In 2018 have shown that K2 plays a pivotal part in bone metabolism and mineralisation.

  • Increases testosterone: The list of benefits of increased testosterone for men and women is long but here are just a few: better concentration, heart strength, increased energy, sleep, libido, bone density and it also helps decrease body fat percentage.  

  • Decreases wrinkly skin: As your skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin which increases wrinkles and a loosening of the skin. Vitamin K2 can actually decrease this effect by activating a protein called matrix-GLA.

  • Helps prevent cancer: Vitamin K2 can reduce the risk of liver and prostate cancer and even help delay progressions of the disease.

Sold on the idea of increasing your vitamin K2 intake? Here’s a list of foods that can help get you on your way…

  • Natto (fermented soybeans)

  • Pickles 

  • Sauerkraut 

  • Kefir 

  • Edam cheese 

  • Egg yolks 

  • Goose/chicken liver

  • Salami/peperoni 

  • Cotton tofu

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