AnimalStrength Training

AnimalStrength has been pioneered in Dubai by Fit Squad DXB co-founders Daniel Wells and Devinder Bains. Since giving their first class back in July 2017, the training style, which works in group sessions and personal training, has gone down a storm with media, influencers, trainers and fitness professionals throughout the UAE. AnimalStrength is a multifaceted, multifunctional training style that is based on four main components: strength, animal, balance and reach (SABR).

Each complex movement has all four components and is a fun but challenging way to train in Dubai. Many of the benefits are similar to what you would receive from a yoga, animal flow or a bodyweight/isometric strength training session in one. The primal, animal-like movements test strength and mobility while looking graceful and keeping the personal training session interesting.

AnimalStrength increases flexibility, mobility in the joints, clears the mind, helps with focus, and the control used in these complex moves, especially as you transition into each new stance and hold as an isometric for three seconds, contributes to making the sessions intense, leaving you feeling like you've really achieved something. It can be daunting trying something new but AnimalStrength moves can be broken down into their single components until the full move is mastered.

Dubai Personal Trainer Daniel Wells says: "AnimalStrength is the perfect middle ground between the disciplined mindfulness of yoga and the strengthening benefits of body weight exercise. This fresh approach to bringing mobility, balance, strength and flexibility all wrapped up in animal movements allows for a playful yet effective workout that will leave you energised and open".

AnimalStrength is also available for corporate clients.

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