Bodyweight Training

As a mobile personal training company, at Fit Squad DXB we’re very accustomed to bodyweight personal training and it’s something we focus on a lot. The key with this type of personal training session is knowing your body, rep range and keeping the correct tempo. As with all exercise, the tempo of the move is very important, but it comes into play hugely when using just bodyweight and it can really effect the end result as obviously you can’t adjust the weight, so tempo and rep range is how you modify and adapt. Exercises can include anything from lunges, squats, and press ups to more cardio-style exercises like squat jumps, mountain climbers and plyo jacks.

Many of our male and female Dubai personal trainers are specialists in this field, incorporating your Dubai surroundings to get more from your training sessions. The beauty of this type of personal training is that it can be done at home, anytime and with absolutely no equipment at all.

A lot of our Dubai clients really enjoy moving their own bodyweight and just getting out there, running, jumping and feeling free during their personal training session – it’s a great way to blow off some steam.

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