Boxing Training


If you haven't tried boxing from one of our Dubai personal trainers already, then now is the time, it's an incredibly fun way to get a great workout and an amazing way to relieve stress. The unique conditioning movements make you engage muscles that you’re not used to using, but the beauty is you don't even realise (until the next day).

It’s one of the most desired skills to have as a female or male personal trainer in Dubai and one that clients often want to try. Newcomers can be a little wary to start with, worried they’re going to lose a nail or end up with a black eye, but once the gloves are on in their personal training session, there’s no turning back.

Boxers have incredible physiques and they develop their bodies through a combination of diet, intense training sessions (similar to HIIT) and sparring. If you're looking for abs then it's possible to add significant definition to these muscles through at home boxing personal training Dubai.

At Fit Squad DXB we’re big fans of boxing personal training, combat sports and incorporate them into training sessions whenever suitable. Adding a boxing or a martial arts personal training session to your weekly training plan is great way to stay on track as you will start to see progression very quickly, which is key during any in home fitness program.

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