Calisthenics Training

Calisthenics is the new buzzword in Dubai fitness, and everyone including our personal trainers at Fit Squad DXB are trying it out. Essentially, it’s a workout similar to gymnastics that builds strength and conditioning through the use of bodyweight alone. It’s functional, rewarding. and awe inspiring. It’s in the top three most popular fitness trends in the world right now and the best thing is it can be easily scaled to suit any fitness level.

Calisthenics isn’t actually that new a workout, synchronised calisthenics have been used by sports teams and military units over the years to increase group cohesion and discipline. Calisthenics exercises are often used as physical evaluations for many military organisations, including the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test. In fact, it’s older still and can be traced back to ancient Greece, with the word ‘calisthenics’ meaning Greek for ‘beautiful strength’ when translated. It’s return to popularity in places like Dubai (and worldwide) is probably it’s transition to the urban calisthenics known as ‘street workout’ which can be seen performed in parks and other outdoor spaces in built-up areas.

More advanced moves include: one-hand balances, complicated somersaults using parallel bars or rings and the human flag (this involves holding the body in the air in a horizontal position - legs raised sideways, using the strength of your core and your arms – that are spread out holding onto a pole). Beginners start with lunges, press ups, assisted pull ups and handstands, while they build up enough strength to carry out the more complicated and impressive moves. Start your Dubai calisthenics training now with one of our Dubai male or female trainers.

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