Circuit Training

Circuits are a really interesting yet simple, fun and effective way of personal training in Dubai. During the training session, with a male trainer or female trainer, you will quickly move through many different exercise stations with little or no rest in-between. Your Dubai personal trainer will make each station completely different from the next, incorporating bodyweight exercises, and cardiovascular exercises, using equipment such as kettlebells, weights, suspension kits, slam balls, agility ladders, skipping ropes and partner stations like boxing and kick boxing pad work to name just a few.

Many people really enjoy personal training at home in this way as the sessions are challenging, varied, and the continuous drive onto the next station keeps you engaged and focused – this in turn makes the personal training session fly by.

It’s also by far one of the best personal training session designs when working in a group, as you get to face your training partners, which creates a healthy competitiveness and can give you that little push you sometimes need. The results from circuit training are often related to the lack of rest and high heart rate throughout, great for building stamina, strength, agility, skill and cardiovascular fitness.

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