High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is one of the biggest personal training styles in Dubai right now and here's why...

HIIT alternates between very high intense bursts of exercise followed by periods of less-intensity or even complete rest. For example, a very simple HIIT personal training session could be burpees for 20 seconds at almost maximum heart rate (MHR), working anaerobically, and then 20 seconds of complete rest, active recovery or abdominal work to bring the heart rate back down and then repeat for a fixed number of minutes. Another personal training session could be sprints on a treadmill, 30 seconds at almost maximum heart rate followed by 45 seconds of complete rest, repeat for 20 minutes. You can mix things up by also using bodyweight or other equipment such as a rowing machine, cross trainer or skipping ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, slam balls and battle ropes to make the training fun, functional and to yield the best results.

This is an extremely simple but highly effective way of personal training in Dubai for fat loss and overall cardiovascular fitness. There’s a huge array of different workouts that your Dubai personal trainer can create for you at home incorporating HIIT.

There can be some reservations about this type of training, these come about when people do HIIT sessions but don't push themselves hard enough during their intense anaerobic period. This results in some people allowing themselves to do a 20-30 minute session and working at a heart rate zone that isn't going to get them the desired results.

That said, our Dubai personal trainers are very much into this type of training – you just need to make sure that you're pushing yourself enough or have a knowledgeable personal trainer assisting you to make sure.

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