Kettlebell TRAINING

Kettlebell training is a unique and great full body workout that our clients frequently enjoy having included in their personal training sessions. Many of the moves are very specific and can take some time to perfect, but this type of training is a great way to work the abdominals, shoulders and the posterior chain.

We often see the quite standard kettlebell swing being undertaken but the multitude of different moves can add real variety to your PT session. The exercises can be made to flow from one move to the next seamlessly without having to change weight or rearrange your grip. The flow of the exercises enables you to keep your heart rate elevated and muscles engaged at all times.

One of the main benefits of kettlebell training is the effect it can have on your joints, the swinging motion used in a lot of the exercises creates a pull on the joint itself and in-turn makes the stabilising muscles contract, thus seeing increases in strength. This can be a great training style to improve shoulder joint strength and mobility.

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