Kickboxing / Muay Thai Training

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are ever expanding sports and ones that our Dubai personal trainers at Fit Squad DXB receive inquiries about regularly. The substantial increase of mixed martial arts (MMA) on television and the huge success of Connor McGregor, making UFC more mainstream, has dramatically increased interest in this array of disciplines.

There’s a huge number of benefits gained from kickboxing personal training and you will find yourself engaging muscles that you haven’t used for years. There will be a lot of focus on technique, flexibility, co-ordination and balance in your Dubai personal training sessions. Another benefit of learning any combat sport is the ability to to self defend, and in-turn feel a lot more confident in every day life.

We have some of the best male and female trainers in MMA in the industry, ex-professionals and former Muay Thai champions. Not only are our ex-professionals very talented coaches of their craft, but they’re all also level 3 personal trainers as a minimum, so can assist you in all of your regular personal training and nutritional needs too.

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