Massage Therapy

Muscular tension is often a result of physical stress acquired through both repetitive and strenuous activities. We can also store emotional tension within our nervous system which in-turn can manifest itself as pain and tightness in our muscles. The purpose of massage is to rid the body of these tensions in order to promote mental clarity, optimise physical performance, prevent further chronic pain or injury and to improve overall health.

Massage is often overlooked in Dubai as it is considered a luxury item to most, yet it is one of the most ancient and effective tools used to achieve maximum health. You can exercise, be active and practice yoga all day long but without the healing touch of massage there will be a gap in your health regimen. The detoxifying benefits of massage is well known: improved blood flow, increases in flexibility and mobility, prevention of migraines, hormone optimisation, ocular health, adrenal fatigue…the list goes on!

Our Dubai massage therapists cover Raynor, Chinese, Deep Tissue, Sports Specific, Lomi Lomi, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Shaitsu, Ayurvedic, Swedish and Remedial. 

Massages are performed in your home or a place of your choosing, either using essential oils or can be done covered using a drape and acupressure.

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