Post-Natal Training

It goes without saying that if you have been training during or pre your pregnancy, getting back to it when you're feeling fit enough is just as important. Equally, you might be new to excercise and want to make sure you do things exactly right once the baby has arrived. Here at Fit Squad DXB we have many post-natal clients, we’re fully certified and have well experienced personal trainers that really know how to help you get back to training safely after giving birth. We will help you feel strong, energetic, flexible and will support you in getting back to your pre-baby weight, if that's your goal.

Some of the main benefits of post-natal personal training sessions are improved circulation, digestion, sleep and mood patterns, training can also help with anxiety, positive self image, increased range of motion and also a decrease in postnatal depression, lower back pain and fatigue.

Choosing the right personal trainer to guide you through this new and exciting time really is very important. Our team are here to support and guide you and will take you through a diverse and SAFE program leaving you feeling athletic and invigorated.

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