Suspension Training (TRX)

Suspension training is another great way to work out pretty much anwywhere, be it using a tree, a door at home, a swing in the park or equipment in the gym.

Suspension training, if you haven't had the right demonstration and guidance, can be quite daunting, which is why you often see them wrapped around a piece of gym equipment not being used. That’s a shame though, as the variety of different exercises available go on and on.

A great benefit of suspension training is the ability to try different and challenging exercises that you wouldn't normally be able to do, but using the straps can assist in allowing you to progress sooner. For example, a beginner learning the fundamental components of a deep squat may find it difficult, but with the assistance of a TRX to hold on to, it will help them perfect the move after just one session. Similarly, if you're a little more progressed and want to work on a single leg pistol squat, using a suspension strap to assist will safely help you in carrying out the move until you're confident and strong enough to complete without assistance.

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