Weight loss Training

Weight loss, or more specifically fat loss is the most common request we hear from clients at Fit Squad DXB . Nutritional guidance, setting attainable goals, the correct program and assistance/mentoring from a good trainer are all key.

It’s very easy as we all know to put on weight, but it can be tricky to maintain weight and to put the wheels in reverse and lose weight continuously for a period of time is the toughest thing of all. It’s really important to know the pitfalls prior to beginning your journey and knowing what to do when you fall off the wagon. So many people have a bad day, or even a bad week, but that doesn't mean your fat loss goals and program is over. We all fall off the wagon but it’s important that you get back on as soon as possible.

We’re trying to create change for all of our clients, we want to teach you how to live a healthier, happier lifestyle that is tailored for you and something you can carry on into the future with a certain amount of ease. Our team have tried and tested every method out there and have the best advice on all things nutrition to help smash your weight loss goals.

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